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    How to enable ORDS to use SSL/TLS connection to Exadata database?


      Hi ,


      I am using:

      • ORDS 3.0.1 (deployed in Tomcat)
      • Tomcat 7.0.65
      • Exadata Oracle 11g R2
      • APEX 5.0.3


      I have already going through the documentation over and over again and the only config item in the ORDS documentation I can find is security.verifySSL but the documentation does not explain much.


      Background: In APEX I am using LDAP bind for authentication with some Network Access Control (ACL) settings and that has been working fine with Active Directory. Also, I have configured for users to sign in from APEX over HTTPS using SSL/TLS certificate on an Apache HTTP server which proxies to ORDS that is deployed under Tomcat co-existing with the Apache server on the same host.



      Could you please advise how to enable secure connection from ORDS to the Exadata database using SSL/TLS?


      Thanks in advance for your help



      - H


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