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    Import format and Mapping Scripts

    Moatasem Shebl

      Hello Leaders,


      I have a complicated case to upload my CSV file correct to my target application, i hop you help me to do that :


      1- I am on EPBCS

      2- I am using the year and period dimension as a generic dimension (i mean i use there member in the file and map them, i use them as account and entity dimension )


      First : Here you are my file



      i have three column related to my product EX date i need to just take the the latest date and ignore the other two dates, and once the FDM do that he will use that latest date as the source coulmn for period and year dimension once he did that i want to do that for :


      Period Source     Period


      5/17/2017           May



      Year Source      Year


      5/17/2017          FY17




      How can i did that at import format and mapping script



      Thank you