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    iCare gift card transactions do not show on guest check or total sale


      I have an odd problem and I have not been able to find a solution online or through any manual/guide.

      We are running Micros 3700 5.5 and using iCare gift cards, menu item not service charge.

      When we run a gift card, either issue or reload, the transaction does not show up on the guest check and there is no total for the transaction.  It's as if the transaction never took place in the eyes of the micros terminal, however the transaction actually does take place and I see that in MyMicros.

      Here's the run down:

      Hit button Issue Gift Card -> Swipe Card -> Enter Amount -> Dialogue pops up confirming card balance

      Guest check on terminal shows no line item, total owed is $0.00.

      I have gone through every setting and nothing screams "I'm the problem!"

      My interfaces are correct.  Itemizers are correct.

      I'm not sure where I should be looking.


      Any help is greatly appreciated!!