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    Open Batch


      I drop a file in the Open Batch folder and instead of copying into the Folder location, it is creating a process id folder and coping the file there.


      It does load successfully to the location/period/category.


      How come it's not copying into the correct location folder?


      This is the text file -







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          The belief is you referring to FDMEE as you did not state the module (FDM or FDMEE or Cloud Data Management ) or the version of the Software you are on.(e.g FDMEE )


          In FDMEE  Open batch process has always created created a folder by process ID under the batch folder , the software is working as designed.

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            Hi PR,


            Do let us know what is the Archive Mode value set for Profile Type "File" in System Settings.




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              Once you got the clarity you needed remember to mark the thread as answered so members can focus on unanswered questions.


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