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    Design time customization for Oracle Applications Cloud - Is it possible ?

    Rohit Chaube

      I am looking at Design time customization for Oracle Applications Cloud, I am mainly looking at Java EE application and integrate with Application cloud or extend Application cloud with custom tables and custom web services. 

      Oracle Applications Cloud – Customizing the Applications for Functional Administrators – Page 12 mentions the following

      (Ref - http://docs.oracle.com/cloud/latest/common/OAEXT/OAEXT.pdf )


      Developers can customize and extend applications using design time tools, for example, Oracle JDeveloper (a comprehensive integrated development environment). Design time customizations and extensions include complex changes that developers need to deploy into the run time environment.

      Note: These customizations and extensions aren't available in Oracle Cloud implementations.


      What does this mean, my assumption is Oracle Applications Cloud is ONLY available on Oracle Cloud. Thus design time customization is not possible.

      Can Oracle Applications Cloud have another Cloud vendor implementation ?


      Any additional help or information is quite appreciated.