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    Process flow -Access


      Hi All,..



      To see the process flow screen does one need to be the part of Admin group??



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          Are you up to date on your patches? (eg. FDMEE

          If so Non Admin users only see their processes.

          Admin users see all Processes.

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            thanks .. but how can we have that non-admin user to see other's processes also...do we have any grp/access/permission like that .

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              You did not state whether you update on your patches.

              There is no current role which you are asking for. So the answer to your question is No you cannot.

              Non Admin user can only see their process. Admin see all processes. That is the design of the software and was just update in a recent patch in

              If you believe this is critical to you company you can certainly open  Oracle SR and file an enhancement request for the feature you desire.


              Once you got the clarity you needed remember to mark the thread as answered so members can focus on unanswered questions.

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                Hi .. thanks for your response ..

                FDMEE ver  -  23041471

                I will rest it here.