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    EBS 12.1.2 -IE11-- OAF pages timeout issue


      We have set up the timeout as 30 minutes for both OAF and Oracle forms. We configure the following.


      Setup the following profile at site level

      ICX: Limit connect - 2000

      ICX:Session Timeout - 30


      ICX: Limit time -> 4


      In the mid tiers CONTEXT FILE changed the following parameters

      session_timeout - 1800000

      oc4j_session_timeout - 30

      FORMS_TIMEOUT - 30


      After all the configuration the timeout occur in both Oracle form screen and OAF pages. For us IE 11 is the approved web browser. When timeout occurred an weird pop up coming with the message with two options "Retry" or "Cancel"


      "To Display the webpage again, the web browser need to resend the information you've previously submitted.

      If you were making purchase, you should click cancel to avoid duplicate transaction. Otherwise click retry to display the webpage again"


      Is it default pop up occur when ever EBS OAF pages timed out? If so how to resolve that.

      Do we need to apply any patches to avoid this popup screen in IE11 as per the below document.

      R12: Recommended Browsers for Oracle E-Business Suite (Doc ID 389422.1)

      Patch 17932167:R12.TXK.B --applied

      Patch 18936791:R12.FWK.B.delta.4 Note 5 -applied

      Patch 21565052:R12.FWK.B Note 4--applied


      Patch 20986782:R12.CC_PF.B Note 3 -- Not applied

      Patch 19486870:R12.JTT.B aplpled