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    SQL Developer validation errors for new max length for objects in 12c

    Maxime Bélanger

      Hello all,


      We are using SQL Developer, working on an Oracle database. As of Oracle 12c, the maximum name length for database objects has been raised to 128 bytes from the previous 30 bytes.

      It seems that this new max length has not been included in the SQL Developers UI Validations. We can for example do an "Alter table add VERY_LONG_COLUMN_NAME_OVER_30_CARACTERS_BUT_LESS_THAN_128_CARACTERS VARCHAR2(10)", but if we try to modify a table using the UI (Right click on table, choose "Modify"), we can't apply anything (even no changes) to the table, because we get a validation error :"Invalid name [...] The name [...] is too long."


      Is there any way to disable or correct these validations in SQL Developer options, or will this be fixed in a future version?


      Update: I have just tried with version, and the validation errors are still present.





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