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    how to access static content from ords?


      I can not access static content by using ords.


      1.deployed ords.war to weblogic.
        It is OK by using the following URL:
         http://localhost:7001/ords/test.menu   OK


      2.The static content is saved under C:\static
        and deployed it into weblogic, you can access the static content by
        http://localhost:7001/static/sample.css   OK

      3.The application test.menu in step 1 needs to access the static content,

        the definition in test.menu is like:
             css_alias       constant VARCHAR2(200) := '/sample.css';


      4.now  test.menu can not access sample.css, because they in different
        context root.
        how to access static content which saved under C:\static from the following URL?