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    OBIEE and JSON or BSON data


      We are looking at migrating from Hyperion IR to OBIEE and we have an Informix database that contains columns having JSON data. I need to know if OBIEE will be able to retrieve this data? I am not currently able to read the data using Hyperion.

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          Gianni Ceresa

          Not really, OBIEE will see your JSON as what it is: a string ...

          But what you can do is to take that JSON and so something with it in a the visualization side with D3 or any other JS library as they manage JSON easily. It's just an indirect way of doing things ...


          An alternative way could be to add opaque views in the RPD with the queries on the JSON if Informix support it (no idea on that). If you can run a SQL query against Informix using the JSON as source then you just put that query in a opaque view and so for OBIEE the result of the query will act as "table" in the physical sources.