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    Possible bug (SQL Developer Table Import Data...



      I am trying to import a CSV file into a table within a schema that is not mine (but I have rights to). The import fails and it looks like it drops the schema of the table during the import.


      Steps taken:

      In SQL Developer: I

      1) Right click on the table and select "Import Data..."

      2) Fill out the Data Preview, Import Method, Choose Columns, Column Definitions tabs as needed. (Import method is "Insert")

      3) On the Finish tab, everything looks correct. (Destination Connection / Table shows the correct table name with schema that the table is in)

      4) When I click on Finish, though I get an error during import: Insert failed for rows 1 through 50  -  ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

      5) When I continue past the import attempt, I get a worksheet with the "bad" INSERT statements. All of the start with INSERT INTO <TABLE_NAME> where I would have expected it to say INSERT INTO <ANOTHER_SCHEMA>.<TABLE_NAME>


      If I take one of the bad INSERT statements and add the schema name before the table name the INSERT runs just fine.


      While this type of importing is not an every day occurrence for me, I believe the "Import Data..." was working correctly in 17.2. I know it was working for sure in the last 4.x version.


      Am I missing something simple here?