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    Query Builder - Configuring for server version...


      In SQL Developer 4.2 and up, I notice that when moving to Query Builder from an already started Worksheet (a select statement written), there is a significant lag (2-5 minuets) in displaying the builder. I get a screen that says "Configuring for server version..." and must wait for this to complete. See screenshot below. Does anyone have a fix for this or an idea on why this is occurring? Just to note, older versions of SQL Developer (4.1.5) will display the Query Builder nearly instantaneously for me.


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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          When setting the SQL statement from the Worksheet into QB, we do some just-in-time metadata loading required by the third party software (Active Query Builder).  Unfortunately it seems that, due to a bug that got fixed for 4.2, an optimization to speed up that metadata loading had to be removed.


          If I compare response time in 4.1.5 vs 4.2 with the following simple SQL...

              INNER JOIN employees ON employees.employee_id = departments.manager_id
                                      AND departments.department_id = employees.department_id
              INNER JOIN locations ON locations.location_id = departments.location_id


          ...there is little difference when using a local database connection versus a 6 or 7 second increase for a remote connection (ping time of 40+ millisec).


          Presumably your SQL is much more complex, and the delay is dependent on how much metadata must be retrieved.  You could try opening a SR on MOS, but is not clear to me if re-introducing some partial optimization is even possible.