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    Cart extremly slows down SQLDev(17.3.1) - unusable


      I have the following problem:

      When I am working with a cart (with ~15 objects in it) SQL Dev is slowing down drastically.

      Slow down means the whole UI. If I want to click somewhere - wait; If I want to resize the cart window - wait, ...


      The speed gets even worse if the objects in the cart are from a DB with higher latency (we have a Singapore DB to manage).

      SQLDev really gets unusable here (>1sec repsond time).


      The second I close the cart everything is back to normal. UI responds perfectly. But as long the cart is open its not working.


      I can reproduce this behaviour (saved cart) ... so if you want me to test a few things I will do.

      Unfortunatly visualVM cant detect the application so I am unable to test memory etc.