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    Hardware letter of volatility


      I'm looking for letters of volatility for the following equipment,  V240 Servers, StorEdge S1, StorEdge 3500, StorEdge L8 and E4900 series servers.  We are looking to sanitize this equipment from a security standpoint and are finding it difficult to obtain this information due to the age of the equipment.  Any help would be appreciated.


      Jeff Goss

      The Boeing Company

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          From your post is not clear what kind of information you required.

          StorEdge 3500.  Sun not have equipment with exactly same name. It was series of from 3511 ; 3510 ;3511.


          In case you try analyze security issue of this equipment - you need  analyze possible vectors of attack.


          For server - it's depend from used OS and installed services.

          Managment network - should be isolated  and have access only for trusted persons.


          StorEdge S1, StorEdge L8 - not have external managment, so can not have point of atack.


          LOM services of v240  available only by telnet. It's not secure.

          LOM of v240 and SC of E4900 can hang when run network scanning services.

          It's can not fixed. You can only isolate managment network.