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    Primavera Professional client V7 upgrade help


      Hi guys,


      I would require a help rearding an Upgrade planning for Primavera Thick client.


      We are using a two tier architechture where Primavera P6 client is installed on local machine and connected to DB server, and this is the same model of installaitons for around 50 users on their local macihnes in client location.


      In this infrastructure, we are planning to upgrade Primavera Thick client form Ver 7 SP3 to latest version. And there is no Citrix applincation involved to host the Primavera and every user has installed P6 on their local machine


      Could you please suggest me procedure how to upgrade Primavera P6 client collectively on clients macine as we do not have citrix hosting involved here.


      Thanks & Regards,

      Naveen Beswa