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    SmartList Issue - Crashing SmartView


      Hi There -


      We are currently running into a painful issue where an end user is not able to use a large data form to update smart list values across all of their stores.


      In a nutshell, after the end user updates a few smart list values and hits submit,  excel will become unresponsive to the point where it crashes. Interestingly enough, the values she changes and submits do find their way to the database and are updated upon retrieval from another machine.


      Does anyone have any ideas as to what is causing this?  I'm hoping this is just a glaring issue so obvious I"m missing it.



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          Are you on the latest version of smart view

          If not go ahead and test with that.

          What version of Hyperion Planning(e.g or are you on Cloud?

          How large is the data form?( e.g 3 columns of one dimension, 20 rows of one dimension)

          What version of office?(e.g MS Excel 2016 32 bit)

          Are you able to submit the said Data form information fine on your machine?

          Does she you experience the issue if she tried to submit via the Web?