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    Single Sign On in Oracle Apex


      Hi All,


      I am facing issue while try to authenticate Oracle Apex from Oracle HCM Cloud. I am integrating Oracle Apex application with Oracle HCM cloud. I am able to integrate and able to pass data from Apex to HCM cloud. My challenge is in HCM Cloud i have link to Oracle Apex application , whenever i click on link it will redirect to oracle apex login page where i need to entered again user name and pwd. I need oracle apex application should authenticate based on HCM cloud username  and pwd . I need whenever i click on Apex application url in HCM cloud , it should open URL without login and pwd renter. I don't need apex page as public or no authentication. I need this should authenticate based Oracle HCM cloud authentication. Please any one help me to resolve this error. Appreciate if i can get quick update.


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      Harish Sharma