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    describe in sqldeveloper and sqlcl reacts erroneously compared to sqlplus


      desc a table via a database link does not work properly in sqldeveloper and sqlcl  (17.3.1)


      desc D101200.Bef_bopael@Db_psd;


      sqldeveloper and sqlcl  tells me:



      ORA-04043: object D101200.Bef_bopael@Db_psd does not exist


      but this is not true, as I am able to select from the table on the remote database from where "I stand" ?


      Sqlplus descibes the table nicely


      D191030@db_eir>desc D101200.Bef_bopael@Db_psd;

      Name                                                              Null?    Type

      ----------------------------------------------------------------- -------- --------------------



      PERSON_ID                                                         NOT NULL NUMBER(15)

      ADRESSE_ID                                                        NOT NULL NUMBER(15)

      BOP_AJOUR                                                         NOT NULL DATE

      BOP_VFRA                                                          NOT NULL DATE

      BOP_VTIL                                                          NOT NULL DATE

      BOP_RFRA                                                          NOT NULL TIMESTAMP(6)


      I guess this is an error


      regards Karsten