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    EBS R12.2 Standby Apps tier sync




      We are in process of building E-Business Suite R12.2.4 Application tier DR setup.

      Primary Application tier is connected to Primary database and Standby Application tier is connected to Standby database.

      Now we need to sync in standby Apps tier with Primary Apps tier.

      What all filesystems need to be considered for sync?

      Is it just APPL_TOP(run and patch both), COMN_TOP (run and patch both), CONCURRENT requests and manager logs to be synced? If yes, will it take care of adop patching cycle changes too after cutover, environment files etc?


      What about FS_NE, FMW_HOME, ORACLE_HOME sync?






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          Hello Thanks for the post.

          Please find below the details -

          For Log - It should be - $NE_BASE/inst/<CONTEXT_NAME>/logs/appl/conc/out  - Its centralized location no need to sync.

          - FS_NE - Again centralized.

          - ORACLE_HOME, FMW_HOME - It will be sync after fs_clone, including .env files.


          I hope this answer your queries.



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            I would rsync everything under BASE_TOP.  After the first synch, it will only synch changed files and will be very fast.

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              Thanks for the reply. But if we sync up from the base then Inst_top and FMW_top also will get synced up which is instance specific , moreover we will have different ports for oacore from the primary and it may end up in corrupting the DR Applications?. Please provide your inputs.



              Vinodh K

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                There are two ways to consider sync of filesystem from primary to standby node.



                Method 1:

                1) Enabled full filesystem sync from Primary to Standby Application Tier

                2) Whenever you perform a DR switch, rename standby Application Servers hostname to primary application hosts.

                3) Also, perform changes in DNS as well


                Method 2:

                1) Enabled sync of Run Filesystem and FS_NE

                2) Whenever you perform a DR switch run adcfgclone.pll on AppsTier to reconfigure Apps.

                3) Perform any post configuration steps like WF Configuration, Update paths,etc.,


                Method 2 is little complex as this need thorough testing specifically for post steps. Method 1 doesn't is much simpler and faster to bring up Apps incase of any disaster.


                For more details on how to setup standby appication, follow the below MOS ID

                Business Continuity for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 Using Oracle 12c ( Physical Standby Database (Doc ID 1963472.1)