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    Limit Date Prompts in OBIEE


      Hi All,


      Am using obiee 12c and my requirement is, there is date field and in dashboard prompts I have to split it as Date Start and Date End as two filters.

      Based on value selected in Date Start the value for Date End should limit for 7 days only. i.e The user strictly want to see only 7 days (1week) data.

      For eg:

      If User Selects Date Start: 11/1/2017 then Date End should be restricted to 11/7/2017.

      If User Selects Date Start:  11/5/2017 then Date End should be 11/11/2017


      For any value of Date Start selected the End Date should be +7, How can this be achieved in OBIEE prompts.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.