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    Issues I faced with Sqldeveloper 17.3.1


      At first, I'd like to thank the development team of Sqldeveloper for their support and their follow up.

      I'm using sqldeveloper for more than 7 years "8 hours a day" and totally depend on this tool in my work except for the script formatting "I use Toad to format the script".


      Please note that all the below issues happen only with the 4.2 and 17.3.1 versions and does not happen with the older versions.



      1- Arabic language issue.

      2- Structure pane issue.

      3- Keyboard navigation issue.


      issues In Detail:

      1- Since 4.2.0 Arabic language does not appears correctly. Although It appears fine with 4.1 versions.

      (I've modified the fonts to Courier New, the NLS language and the character encoding but nothing happened)


      Please note that the issue is in the editor itself not in the results.


      select 'اللغة العربية' from dual;



      2- The Structure pane does not show the package procedures and functions.

      it was working fine at the previous version of sqldeveloper.



      3- Keyboard navigation issue:

      When I'm trying to import an excel sheet to a database table I face a problem in navigation with keyboard.

      Always when I press the "Enter" key the path changes to the desktop and the file is not opened.

      So, to avoid this issue I must use the mouse in navigation.



      Instead of opining the "Documents" folder, the path jumped to the "desKtop"