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    HypMenuVRefresh VBA function to resume next sheet on sheet refresh


      Hi All,


      I am building a macro where i have several sheets of Smartview refresh. I have suppressed the Zero's to truncate the data.

      Lets say we have 10 sheets. Sheet 7 has no values and the output is zero. I want the macro to continue without aborting the process. If the sheet 7 has 0 value, it should move ahead with sheet 8 without giving a prompt.


      I tried adding the below codes in VBA, which still dint work.


           On Error Resume Next

          Application.DisplayAlerts = False

          Application.EnableEvents = False

          Application.ErrorCheckingOptions.BackgroundChecking = False


      I get an error message as Pop up  which stops the macro process and i have to manually click ok and proceed.


      EPMHFM-69540: Invalid grid. Remove the suppression options and retry.


      Pls help...