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    OBIEE Data Level Security




      I have Imported the cube in the RPD and put the data level security in the RPD .In Manage-->Identity i have set of Application roles where i have added Data level security like CostCenter=1234.


      Then i got a new requirement to add new dimension in the cube so i need to import the cube again in the RPD.But in that case i have lost all the data level security what i have applied in the cube.


      I that any way we can save before we import the cube so we can not lost it?


      Let me  know if anyone help me on that.



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          My suggestion, if you need data level security, try to apply that in the cube through essbase filter (read or metaread filter). In your case say read filter on the essbase cube on cost center. Then  in RPD instead of using generic user to connect to the cube use :USER and : Password

          In that way you will not have to tinker with rpd identity management every time you  pull cube in RPD. You have to do that every-time number of level changes in any dimension.