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    Spooling apex export command from SQL Developer worksheet without command echo

    Justin Warwick

      From within SQL Developer (Version worksheet, I execute the following as script:

      --## as apex workspace owner
      SET APPINFO 'ApEx App Deployment Generate'
      set define off verify off feedback off echo off autoprint off termout off
      set trimspool on

      SPOOL D:\deployment_package\a12002_export.sql;

      apex export 12002

      spool off;


      And get the following script (just head excerpt):


      SQL> apex export 12002

      set define off verify off feedback off
      whenever sqlerror exit sql.sqlcode rollback
      -- ORACLE Application Express (APEX) export file


      99% there. I'd like to not have the "SQL> apex export 12002" command included in the spool output. What am I doing wrong?