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    Help on setup Ords on Tomcat


      Hi, i'm setting up ords on Apache Tomcat.

      I've Oracle Apex 5.1.3 on Orarcle Xe 11.2

      I've configured ords with command java -jar apex.war

      I've installed Tomcat and placed in wepapps a folder i with apex images directories and i've placed in the same directory the apex.war file

      running tomcat on http://localhost:8080/apex the webpage whow me the message below (in italian).

      The message say that files are not updated . File 're been charged on for version but version is needed

      what i need to do?



      Pressing the ok button the system show me the error page with wrote "insufficient privileges"

      i obtain the same error trying to open one application


      ***Moderator action (Timo): moved from Oracle Application Express (APEX)  to ORDS, SODA & JSON in the Database for better alignment, asas the problem looks ORDS related.***