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    Action links on a hierarchy level passes through the value correctly but on clicking apply on the detail report it generates xml not the value


      Hi Legends


      I have a summary analysis with a level based hierarchy. On the lowest level shown below, i setup an action link. This level is passing through a store number for example if one is to click this level, it passes through the selected store to the detail report prompt which has a presentation variable to store the passed value, lets call it pv_store. In the detail analysis I also filtered by the same variable as shown below:



      figure 1


      Figure 2



      Figure 3

      On clicking the above the action link passes the 367 to the next analysis correctly but does not find any results and this is not because there are no results but because the displayed text is not what is being sent in the query.


      Figure 4

      When you click apply this is what you get:

      Figure 5


      Any Idea how I can pass this value without generating that xml. I think if I can pass the correct value without the xml then it will filter correctly. From the list of values, if i search for 367 and click apply I find the correct data. Also if I use the levels on their own as columns then everything works correctly. The only problem is when I use the hierarchy.


      OBIEE VERSION: (Build 150111.1659 64-bit)

      Data Source : Oracle  DB