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    Oracle Representational state transfer



      It is the meaning of ORDS.

      But what is Representational state transfer ?

      Where do we need it?


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          I hope this helps

          Oracle Scene Issue 65


          Page 10 in case the link didnt' come through correclty.

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            Kiran Pawar

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            It is the meaning of ORDS.

            But what is Representational state transfer ?

            Where do we need it?

            Representational state transfer (popularly known as REST) is one of the type/flavor of Web Services that help Web Applications communicate/transfer data.

            The Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) helps to develop/host the RESTful Web Services (develop RESTful interfaces) on the Oracle Database (so that we can represent the relational data in Oracle Database as a RESTful Web Service or can do RESTful Web Service operations like GET, POST, PUT, DELETE which ORDS translates/operates to Oracle Database (tables) as SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE).


            Regarding "Where do we need it?": The "modern" web technologies like Angular JS, Node JS, Knockout JS, React JS and so on do all the data operations using RESTful API and ORDS provides the Oracle Database relational data in a format (RESTful way) that these technologies can work with. Apart from that Oracle's Javascript framework - Oracle JET (Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit) which internally uses Knockout JS for data bindings and RESTful API to consume data or to provide CRUD functionality (and ORDS provides the RESTful API over Oracle Database)



            • You can find much more use cases of RESTful interface provided to Oracle Database by using Oracle REST Data Services.
            • Oracle also provides node-oracledb driver as an interface to Oracle Database for web technologies using Node JS. (So, for Oracle JET you can use either ORDS RESTful services or node-oracledb driver).


            Hope this helps!