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    Oracle error in stand alone mode on 4.1.3


      I'm using SQL developer 4.1.3  MAIN 20 for training and building my assignment project database on the app works okay when I connect remotely to University.

      But fails when I try to use in a direct " stand-alone " mode on my PC  when attempting to create a new database via the Connection/New connection.


      I get  an error stating that the network adapter connection as failed




      Error appears when “Test” connection button is pressed

      “Status: Failure :Test failed IO error : The Network Adapter could not establish the connection”

      Using this platform in a stand-alone environment

      The application works when remotely logged into Uni network, via “putty” remote login software proving that the network card works-using wireless communications to my router


      I have viewed YouTube for help, the videos relate to either 4.1.1 or 11 or 12 g which are helpful but I don't have the network file under 4.1.3 that they relate to in earlier versions

      In my file structure so I can't fix the issue which on the whole seems simple to fix, once I know where to locate  it and configure to work with my PC


      Screenshot my current version and build working on a 64-bit PC


      l also pinged my loopback address of  all tested okay



      So any help will be much appreciated in helping me and anyone else who this problem and finally fixing it!