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      Hello Everyone ,


      One small question again :


      While hit the pdf with URL , its going to Login page and then after providing credential its redirecting to the pdf which we want to view.


      Like below URL :



      Can we send a username and password with URL like how we do it in java so that directly we will land on the pdf page


      Thanks & Regards,


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          are these secured documents or open to everyone?


          by default documents with Security Group Public will not ask for authentication.

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            Raja Kummathi

            Hi Sakshi,


            If you want access them without giving password then assign "Guest role access" to the Security Group and it won't ask you password.


            NOte: this is not good idea where you have security model



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              Hey Sakshi,


              This particular document view use case is strong candidate for implementing SSO based authentication. I don't recommend passing user credentials in the URL because you are exposing the users password. Explore the options on SSO hence you can build better security for content server.


              Otherwise if you don't have any security model in place then follow the instructions provided by Raja.




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                Thanks Everyone .


                I ma learning lots of stuff from here .


                Thanks for your support.

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                  That's good!!. Don't forget to award points for the helpful answers