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    Unexpected Error creating query to datasource in


      Hi All,



      Here, we are on HFR and implemented load balancer. We have started
      experiencing this weird issue with some of HFR reports becoming corrupted. It is
      the same report that is getting corrupted all the time. When we migrate the report
      from QA to Prod (both on the same version of EPM), it works. Over time, it
      becomes corrupt as users started using them. When I open the corrupted report
      in Studio, all the information within the grid got cleared and no one could run
      the report after this point

      Error message:

      Unexpected Error creating query to datasource in


      Since we are using load balancer approach, we have NFS
      driver where RMI folder is stored and shared between the nodes. All our reports
      are using Planning connection.

      Has anyone seen this issue? What possible cause for this