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    P6 R16.2 - Can't authenticate to P6 Web after changing LDAP service account password


      Good afternoon to all.


      I have recently been assigned to support Primavera 6 R16.2.  I have no experience with this application and only some sketchy knowledge transfer.  We use LDAP authentication, so recently to comply with our security policy I was forced to conduct a password change for the LDAP service account.  We have two methods of access - Primavera Client via Citrix and Primavera Web based.  After the password change I was able to access all databases fine using the Citrix client, but when I (or my users) attempt to access the Web based version we receive this error:  "Invalid Username or Password".


      After changing the service account password in Active Directory I changed the password change in P6 using the P6 Administrator I went to the Authentication tab.


      For each database I expanded to the location below and changed the LDAP account password for each database instance:

      Database Instance

      LDAP Connection Setings[1]



      Once I had completed the password changes for each database instance I was able to authenticate to P6 using the P6 client, but not the web version.  Am I missing a place that I need to change the password to make the Web based P6 work?


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.