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    Deliver enitre Dashboard content using Agent


      Hi All,


      Sorry if this is a repeated question, but I have trawled the internet to no avail.


      I have a series of reports which are featured in a Dashboard which are required on a weekly basis by my colleagues, however when the Agent distributes the Dashboard; the Excel file only contains 75 rows of data per sheet. I know the tables are much larger than 75 rows as when I export the Entire Dashboard to excel it shows me the full content.


      I have temporarily circumvented this by adding the reports to a Briefing Book and delivering as a .mht file, which works for delivering the content; however it then relies on the recipient opening in IE and Exporting to Excel. My concern here is not only is it slightly time consuming but I have no control of the format of the data (potentially losing leading 0's and formatting required for lookups to work).


      So I think I have two questions:


      1) Am I approaching this problem in the correct way in the first instance?

      2) If this is the correct way to approach this problem, how do I increase the number of rows returned in the analysis featured in the Dashboard distributed via the Agent?


      Thanks in Advance