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      Under 17.2 if we select multiple tables from the Connection navigator, and export them to a single file (specifically, xls or xlsx) format, the end result is a workbook with multiple tabs, one for each table. (If the Query worksheet box is ticked, there's an extra tab, containing all the select statements used).


      Under 17.3, we're finding that the same operation only generates a single data tab (and if the Query worksheet box is ticked, then there's an extra tab for the queries, but it only contains one single query).

      I've checked the Summary page of the Export Wizard, and it looks fine:


      But the resulting spreadsheet only gets the one tab:




      Can anybody confirm that this is a bug?


      And what's the cleanest work around? For our specific usage, we need a multi-sheet .xls file. Currently we're resorting to exporting the data to separate files (which works correctly), and then manually cutting and pasting the multiple files into a single workbook, which is a faff. Any better solutions?