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    PO number from Invoice number in KFI AP Automation


      Hi Experts,


      AP automation solution:-


      I need to write some customization in the Invoice Syncronization composite for which I would need the PO Number. I have the INVOICE_NUM and INVOICE_ID. I tried with the below query:-


      select aia.invoice_num, pha.segment1 PO_Number from ap_invoices_all aia, ap_invoice_lines_all aila, po_headers_all pha

      where aia.invoice_id = aila.invoice_id

      and aila.po_header_id = pha.po_header_id

      and aila.po_header_id is not null

      and aia.invoice_num = :INVOICENUM;


      The problem is that the above query is not working for the KFI flow. Any suggestions?