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    12c How do you Modify an Agent When you Are Not the Agent Creator?


      In a nutshell, I need to know how to set OBIEE up to allow a user to modify an agent that he/she did not create.  Here is how we have things set up currently:


      I have a user who is a member of the BI Author Role group. Here are the settings we have for Delivers:


      This user, test51, also has full control to the Training Folder inside the Shared Folders:


      And to the Other folder within the Training folder:


      And to the TestAgent:

      Notice that the BI Author Role is the Owner of this object, and remember that test51 is a member of the BI Author Role group.


      test51 also has full control permission for the report that is being delivered by this agent (and to the parent and grandparent folders that the report is in):

      Report Permissions.jpg


      But when I sign in as test51 and attempt to edit the agent, I get the following message when I try to save:



      This issue exists for all agents. If anyone other than an Admin user tries to edit an agent which he or she did not create, they receive the error, regardless of any permissions settings that we have been able to find.


      Please advise us on the EXACT conditions that need to be set to allow users to edit an agent which they did not create.