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    Modal page session has expired



      I have question about modal page with session expired.

      Can i load login page instead of this modal page from screen with session expired. After click OK I'm redirect to login page, but i don't want this modal page. I want to be redirect straight to the login page. I checked a lot of posts but I didn't found solutions. Do you now how change this options ?

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          Justin Warwick

          The key is timeout URLs, found in Shared Components > Security Attributes > Session Management, then set values for Session Timeout URL and Session Idle Timeout URL.  That modal page is the built-in default handler for logout sequence if you have not specified your own "Timeout URL"s.


          In your scenario, you need to figure out the correct page ID for the login page, then that is what you'd put into the timeout URL settings boxes. Perhaps something like:  /pls/apex/f?p=&APP_ID.:101




          username: demo

          password: demo


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            I've checked this options for timeout, I didn't wrote when I got this session expired. Soo problem is when I'm logged on page on first user and in this same moment another user login on that page on this same PC. When I try click somewhere use first user I got this modal page, but I would like get login page. And this options with timeout doesn't work for my problem. Sorry i didn't wrote here in main post.

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              Justin Warwick

              That is a perplexing situation. I don't see how or why you would have two different users using the same login session on the same computer/PC. Would this be like a kiosk where a queue of unrelated customers would walk up and use the application and then walk away so the next person can use it?

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                You bad understood me, when second user log in, first user get page from the upper screen and will be log out. But i don't wanna get this modal page, I would like to be simply redirect to login page. I don't wanna work on two user in the same time.

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                  Justin Warwick

                  I am still not understanding the situation. ApEx applications are multi-user, concurrently, by default. A second user's access to the application should in no way impact first user's session; that is, the first user should not get logged out at all as result of any other users' actions. I'm not sure why you would be getting a "Your session has expired" message other than the timeouts.


                  Can you recreate this problem in apex.oracle.com (a free public instance of ApEx very useful for experimentation, demonstration, and shared troubleshooting such as this) and then share a URL so I can observe the unwanted behavior?

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                    Login to app open some pages or pop-ups and login to app again in the same tab leaving the earlier pages now when we try to access the previous session we get the login expired error msg (like on screen). This is happen only on modal pages. In normal pages problem not exists, you can use app on two user, like you wrote before.

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                      Ok i fix this problem, I used JS on static file which run script, when will show modal page with 'Session Expired' then user is redirect to login page.