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    Form error :(


      EBS R12.2.6




      Hi ALL,


      I am Running Mass Addtions Post, but I got error below


      Book: VC ASSET BOOK

      Request ID: 571522

      Mass Addition ID: 11022 ==> Succeeded

      No Errors Found.

      Cache: Error retrieving row from FA_CATEGORIES table for:

      Category ID:


      Cause: You have a database problem.

      Action: Contact your system administrator.

      ORA-01403: no data found

      Error: function fa_cache_pkg.fazcat returned failure

      Error: function fa_addition_pvt.initialize returned failure

      Error: function fa_addition_pub.do_addition returned failure

      Mass Addition ID: 10029 ==> ** Failed **

      Number of successes: 1

      Number of failures: 1

      Module Mass Additions Post ended with error




      1. Navigate: Asset Responsibility > Setup> Asset system > Assset Categories

      2. Navigate : Asset Responsibility > Mass Additions > Prepare Mass Additions
      3. Change que name from NEW to POST
      4. Enter Category, Location, Description and assignment
      5. Run Mass Additions Post

      I have single book and asset category setup



      Please help.....



      Kind regards,