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    sql developer stops running/disappears without error when mouse over some tooltip.


      Hi all,


      In one of my dev VMs I have both sql developer 4.1.5 and 17.2, both of them experience same problem easy replicated as simply mouse over "anything" inside sql developer gui that would normally display a hovering tooltip.. SQL developer simply disappears/stop running.

      Can you please advise ?

      I would imagine this could be a java issue.. but our IT helpdesk seems stuck in finding a solution, so im posting here, hopefully this problems rings a bell to someone.. thanks.


      windows 7 64bits

      C:\sqldeveloper-\sqldeveloper\*.* contains also jdk

      C:\sqldeveloper-\sqldeveloper\*.* contains also jdk

      C:\sqldeveloper-\sqldeveloper\*.* contains also jdk


      I dont even know where to check for logs..


      In Uninstall or Change a program I found:


      also found :

      C:\oracle\product\11.1.0\client_1\ with a jdk


      but system environment SET only have a PATH to: Path=C:\oracle\product\11.1.0\client_1\bin;

      so typing java.exe in CMD doesnt find anything.


      Can you help/suggest what to do ?

      It seems a java issue as its problem across 3 independent zips from oracle containing internal jdk.. but then there seems to exist some java installed as well in the system despite not PATH reachable..


      Many thanks in advance,

      Emanuel Oliveira


      ps If its a known issue let me know any usefull url, I can follow.. as im unable google to return me any usefull ideas