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    Opera Report Error


      Saludos, quisiera saber si a alguien en la comunidad le ha pasado esto:


      Al imprimir o generar un reporte como XML e intentarlo guardar, Opera manda este mensaje de error y se queda en progreso el reporte, se congela y no avanza.

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          Hi 3497502


          Please make sure the IE browser setting is correct, add the OPERA URL to the trusted site, and modify the security setting thru "custom level" option :


          All of the below need to be marked as Enable:

          a .NET Framework-reliant components

          o Run components not signed with Authenticode

          o Run components signed with Authenticode

          b. ActiveX Controls and plug-ins

          o Allow previously unused ActiveX control to run without prompt

          o Allow scriptlets

          o Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls

          o Binary and Script behaviors

          o Run ActiveX controls as plugins

          o Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting

          c. Miscellaneous

          o Allow script-initiated windows without size or position constraints


          The following need to be marked as Prompt:

          d. ActiveX Controls and plug-ins

          o Download signed ActiveX controls

          o Download unsigned ActiveX controls


          The following need to be marked as Disabled:

          e. ActiveX Controls and plug-ins

          o Display video and animation on a webpage that does use external media player

          o Initialise and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe for scripting