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    using TrustedAuth


      I was wondering if there is any documentation on setting up a TrustedAuth and if this can be done on a seperate server that makes the web sevices request to the calendar server.

      I am using Version Collaberation Suite - calendar - standalone.


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          Sorry for the late reply.

          The trusted authentication methods supported by Web Services are Proxy Authentication and Servive to Service Authentication. There is no documentation on setting up S2S authentication but Proxy authentication is documented.

          For Proxy Authentication documentation go to:

          This document relates to a further version of OCAS ( then the one you have but the steps are the same to setup proxy auth.

          In all cases, setting up a trusted auth method requires that the calendar server be of a Collab suite version and not the stand alone calendar server version because OID (Oracle Internet Directory) is required. The Collaboration Suite deployment must me configured so that the Calendar Server is connected to OID.