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      Hi Experts,


      can any one work on upgrading from OBIEE TO 12C

      do u have any planning docs, any efforts while migrating or after migration,

      any estimation for upgrating to OBIEE 12C


      Thanks in advance

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          Gianni Ceresa


          Are you expecting someone here to randomly give you figured on how long it will take to migrate your unknown (without more details on the version) to an unknown 12c (without any detail on the version) ?

          Doesn't really work like that ...


          Nobody can give you any of these figures, just because they only depend on where you start from (the content and quality of your current system).


          You maybe want to look at the official doc on how to upgrade and start building your plan based on the steps provided by the doc. If you have somebody knowing your OBIEE well and with an idea of how the upgrade work onsite they will be able to give you an idea of the effort.


          Keep in mind there are tools supposed to help and support your migration, like BVT, but do not expect any miracle, they can also just not work at all depending on your own situation and context.

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            Joel Acha

            You'll need to refer to the Oracle documentation and use that to plan your strategy. No 2 environments are the same so no migration is exactly the same either. The documentation that Oracle provide is quite helpful and useful to assist you in planning your migration.

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              Thomas Dodds

              +1 top the other replies ... you realize you are asking some of us to divulge work product & knowledge that we sell to feed our families ... we can help but if you want the end-to-end plan - that's a paid role.