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    Introduce yourself.

    Anjani Pothula-Oracle

      Introduce Yourself to the MOOC group.

      You may want to include where you work, what you do, which country you reside in and what interested you about taking the course.

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          Anton Lungameni

          Hi, my name is Anton, I work at Paratus Telecommunications in Namibia, Africa as revenue assurance officer. I have always been playing around with data and would like to expand into the procedural side of Database Dev.

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            Rick Benz

            Hello Everyone,


            My name is Rick Benz, I live in Wisconsin, USA with my lovely wife, 2 cats and 2 dogs. I work for one of the best companies ever, Terracon, we are an engineering conciliating firm and I am an Application Administrator.


            I missed getting into the last time this course was offered in September or so and I would want to learn more about PL/SQL so I can work towards a development position.


            I am also a full time student working towards a B.S. Information Technologies with a Minor in Business Logistics.


            I look forward to chatting with everyone, but not sure I have that much time since I see there are 1836 people enrolled as of 5 minutes ago.....

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              My online name is mathguy  (all lower-cap); I live on the West Coast of the USA.  I am now retired, after two long careers - one as a mathematician, in academia, and the other in financial services. I have been using software all along; I learned FORTRAN on my own, when I was in middle school, and I learned Unix before I ever heard of DOS - I know, it's strange; but I never worked in IT. I started learning SQL - specifically, Oracle - last year. I am an active participant on the SQL and PL/SQL forum on OTN, as well as on Stack Overflow.


              I do all this out of pure curiosity, I enjoy learning; my ultimate goal, if I ever get there, is to develop various solutions to practical problems (from the field I am familiar with: finance) in the public domain.


              I have read some PL/SQL already, from Steven Feuerstein's book, plus Oracle documentation online; even so, I think I may learn a few things I haven't seen before. I look forward to this course!




              mathguy is to the bs artist what water is to the witch 

                                        (written by a participant on the Vanguard Diehards forum, after mathguy called out a number of bs artists on their bs.)

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                Sundeep V

                Hi all,

                I am Sundeep, I am an Accountant and Registered Tax Agent with Australian Taxation Office, currently i live in SFO USA, working with EPM Tools like Oracle HFM and part of the work is learning SQL and PL/SQL, having knowledge about the DB is an integral  part of the job, so i thank Anjani for facilitating the course.

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                  Hello everyone,

                  My name is Jake. I am a student at the Tulane School of Professional Studies in New Orleans, LA. I have taken 2 database classes and am excited to expand my knowledge about PL/SQL. I am also applying for a campus job working on a project with the database administrator at the school. I hope this course could help me excel on that project. Looking forward to the course!

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                    Hello, I'm Diogenes Brens from Dominican Republic and I want to improve my knowledge in SQL and PL.

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                      I am a Student at University of Houston. I am taking an Oracle class this Spring semester and after registering with oracle i was offered a few free classes. I will be taking a few along side with the class.




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                        I live in Florida-USA and also work in healthcare as health data analyst. I 'm interested in this course because I want to sit for OCA certification soon and long term goal is to be a PL/SQL developer.

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                          This is Pooja from Kansas-USA. I wish to enhance my SQL and Pl/SQL skills and tread on  the path of PL/SQL Application Developer.

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                            Hello, everyone.

                            I'm Delon, from São Leopoldo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil (GMT -03:00).
                            I'm an outgoing mechanical designer, with over fifteen years of experience, looking to leverage my technical knowledge, to be more competitive in this new area.


                            Best regards,


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                              Albert Keizer

                              Hello Everyone,


                              Mij name is Albert Keizer. I'm from the Netherlands. Part of my job is database administration and I feel I can be more productive when I get more fluent in PL/SQL. Also to understand code produced by developers better. This is the reason I'm taking the course. To refresh and fill the gaps on SQL I also enrolled in the SQL introduction MOOC Course.


                              Thanks for providing this course.

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                                Greetings from Belgium,


                                I'm Jan, a systems engineer at the Ghent University Hospital. Looking forward to refresh my PL/SQL chops.

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                                  Hi everybody!


                                  I'm Alessandro from Italy.


                                  I've joined the course to improve my DBA experience with Oracle Database.

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