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    Requesting a URL after a step in a canvas


      Hi All,


      I have a URL that i want to call/request after a step in my canvas. Is there a simple way to do this?


      The page just needs use a Get and does not need to handle the response.



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          I think potentially this is possible if you install the form submit app from Eloqua. Sorry I haven't tested but it sounds possible.




          You would then add the form submit app to the campaign canvas. When a contact reaches this app in the canvas a form submission would be trigger. You can then configure the form to send a request to a URL by using the "Post Data to Server" form processing step.


          Let me know how you get on





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            This is probably overkill, but if you used the Custom Action from Just Add Features this becomes incredibly easily. (You say you don't need to listen to a response, but if you did you could store the response back to update the contact.)


            The Custom Action is literally an action (a campaign or program step) that you can double click and enter a few lines of code.


            With a Custom Action it would take 5 lines & is so fast to write that I might as well do it here:


            const fetch = require("node-fetch");

            eloqua.each(contact => {






            Like I say... this would definitely do the job, and you get error handling etc. so you know it's delivered... but it's probably overkill to buy the Custom Action support just for this. However if you would like to trigger other things (SMS, Ad Targeting, internal systems integrations, etc.) or build any other custom extensions also then it might really be a great solution.


            PS: If it's not obvious, it's my tool & I love showing it off.