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    Required for Upgrade Fixes


      Hi All,


      I am new to PeopleSoft and the whole PUM Image, Required for Upgrade, Change Package world.

      My question is regarding the Required for Upgrade fixes.


      Am I correct in understanding that when I create a Change Package for a new set of Required for Upgrade fixes I do not necessarily need to be on the Image that the RFU fixes are delivered in?  I just need to mount the image to be able to get the RFU fixes and I can then apply them to my upgrade which is at an image other than the image where the required for upgrade fixes were delivered?


      i.e. If I have a template that is at image 3 and I need to get the required for upgrade fixes delivered in image 7 I should be able to create a change package that has the required for upgrade fixes and apply them to my image 3 upgrade?  I am just trying to understand that there is no impact whatsoever on the image that I am on to get the required for upgrade fixes. 


      Any clarification would be much appreciated.

      Thank you in advance for any help.




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          Hello, I believe you want to know if a RFU package created on the latest PUM Image can/should be applied to a previous upgrade certification, and the answer is yes. User must always generate the RFU package on the latest PUM Image and then applied it to the Upgrade Source environment (New Release Environment) on the steps specified by the Upgrade Template. The Required for Upgrade fixes are developed to be applied to any upgrade source (even previous certifications) without breaking any existing code; if the logic does not apply to a given upgrade certification, the scripts/PC/Application Engine step will not execute during the upgrade process.