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    New logo is not updated in Login page and Home page

    K H S Sudheer

      Hi All,


      I have successfully implemented the logo changes in OBIEE DEV and QA .

      i have followed the same steps to implement in Prod environment but logo is not reflecting on both home page and login page


      what could be the reason...would it be related to the browser cache issue or OBIEE issue?

      Anyone provide me the solution ...

      please let me know in case of any more details are required from my end.



      Thanks in advance.




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          Gianni Ceresa

          3580870 wrote:


          Anyone provide me the solution ...

          Provide all the details and it will be easier to try to get you in the right direction : How to Ask Questions in Developer Community Spaces


          More in general you can definitely start by investigating browser cache, mainly if the new logo is visible in all the other pages except these 2.

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            K H S Sudheer

            Hi Gianni,



              I have followed the below steps to implement the new cilent logo in both home page and  login page in Prod



            1.stopped the OPMN services,Managed Server,weblogic server



            2.Taken the backup of old client logo and rename the new client logo as oracle_logo.png(80*25 is the pixel size) and uploaded in below two paths





            3.Started the weblogic server,Managed Server,OPMN Services



            I went to the IE browser, cleared cache and entered the URL(http://clientmachine:9704/analytics) for login page of OBIEE. I could see that new client logo is not reflected.


            Tried to entered the URL(http://clientmachine:9704/analytics)in all the browsers after cleared the browser cache & bounced the all the servers again  but still new logo is not reflected.


            Note :I have successfully implemented in DEV and QA by following above three steps.


            Can you help me if i am missing anything here or  due to some other reason which i am not able get the new client logo



            Thanks in advance

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              There could be a lot of reasons. Sounds like you've eliminated browser cache as the problem, but there are other things to check:


              1. Pull up your browser tools (F12) and see where oracle_logo is coming from. Is it coming from your custom skin or an Oracle-provided skin?
              2. Do you need to redeploy your custom skin via weblogic console? Did you deploy your custom skin's folder or did you deploy the ear file? And did you deploy it the same way in all three of your environments?
              3. Is your production instanceconfig.xml file correct? What's the default style/skin in your DEV/QA? Compare that to PROD.
              4. Is this your first time trying to put the custom style on production or was it already in place?