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    [APEX5.0]Customising Theme42

    Arthur R.




      I have to work on a custom theme42. In order to do so I would like to execute my own CSS file after the other CSS files. I called my custom file "customSh.css". I tried to upload and call my custom css in my app but I failed.



      I downloaded "Universal Theme Sample Application", and uploaded customSh.css in it's theme's files. I did it with this page:

      I copied the reference and called it in this page. This page is used to call the javascript and css files so customSh.css should be called on page load:


      customSh.css contains the following code:


      .t-Header-branding {

          background-color: #0572CE !important;


      .t-PageBody--leftNav .t-Body-nav {

          background-color: #3a4149 !important;




      On page load I can see that my CSS isn't applied since my CSS rules doesn't appear in the Inspector:

      It appear that my CSS isn't applied because customSh.css is ill referenced:



      How do I reference customSh.css?

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          Hello Arthur,

          you "uploaded customSh.css in it's theme's files", that is a bad idea. Never put your own files in this directory. They will change with every patchset.

          Instead you could open the Theme Roller from the APEX Developer Toolbar and put your css modification as custom css.

          Kind regards,


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            Arthur R.

            Thank -W,

            the theme roller is good enough for me to write my own CSS. However I would like to upload CSS files, "font-awesome-animation.min.css" to be precise, in my app in order to exploit them. I could copy past their content in the Theme Roller window but that would be messy, rude and ugly. So the reasons change but the question stay:

            I would like to know how to upload and reference my CSS files in Theme42.

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              You can add custom CSS files to the user interface via:

              Shared Components -> User Interface Attributes -> select the Desktop interface -> select the Cascading Style Sheets tab