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    "This account is locked"


      I am receiving that message for 2 days. I sent an email, but no answer.

      It is my space on https://apex.oracle.com/...

      Which email address should I use my Oracle/APEX account to be unlocked?

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          Click on Reset Password on the login page and check your mail.


          It could also be that your workspace was purged. I believe there is a maximum number of days for non-activity. If so, just request a new workspace.

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            I have not use my workspace for years, but

            1. I did reset my password.

            2. I am receiving regularly messages from APEX. I am applying not to purge my workspace.


            I think the message is clear - the account is locked. It is same as from Oracle server.

            In Oracle that account should be unlock automatically in 30 min. or as is set by DBA.