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    Displaying a Document Content in Rich Text Field ( with Formatting & Images)

    Prakash Ramamurthy

      Hi All,

      We are working on a requirement where in the User need to Directly Import the contents of a File to an APEX Text Area (Rich Text).

      Process as Below :

      - User will Browse and Select a File ( WORD / EXCEL / PDF)

      - On Selection the content of the File need to be Read and Displayed as an EDITABLE TEXT in the APEX Page

      - Should Retain the Source Document  Format ( inclusive of  Tables, Images that may be in the document)


      We have tried the below approaches till now and facing the challenges:

      1. Approach-1:

           a.      Import the file to a Temporary DB Table as an BLOB Content

           b.      Convert the BLOB to a CLOB

      CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION APEX.blob_to_clob (blob_in IN BLOB)



      v_clob CLOB;

      v_varchar VARCHAR2(32767);

      v_start PLS_INTEGER := 1;

      v_buffer PLS_INTEGER := 32767;




      FOR i IN 1..CEIL(DBMS_LOB.GETLENGTH(blob_in) / v_buffer)


      v_varchar := UTL_RAW.CAST_TO_VARCHAR2(DBMS_LOB.SUBSTR(blob_in, v_buffer, v_start));


      DBMS_LOB.WRITEAPPEND(v_clob, LENGTH(v_varchar), v_varchar);

      v_start := v_start + v_buffer;

      END LOOP;

      RETURN v_clob;

      END blob_to_clob;


           c.      Content Showing up as SPL Characters and does not retain the format


      2. Approach-2:


      • a.      Directly Copy-Paste the Content to the APEX Field - Rich Text Area . The Text Content gets saved with the formatting and able to retrieve as well.


           b.      It does not support the Copy of Images & also Does not save the images


      Appreciate your Valuable Suggestions / pointers in this regard