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    How to change in which server must Concurrent Managers run

    Jose Aróstegui

      Hi experts,

      In EBS 12.1.3, I'd like to know how to change in which server the Concurrent Managers run.


      We have 2 hosts for apps tier (AR-PROD-EBSA01, AR-PROD-EBSA02) and 2 hosts por database tier (AR-PROD-EBSDB01, AR-PROD-EBSDB02).


      With this SQL, I can determine that currently are running on target_node = AR-PROD-EBSA01:


      SELECT a.target_node


            ,substr(b.os_process_id, 0, 10) "OS Proc"

             ,b.oracle_process_id "Oracle ID"



        FROM fnd_concurrent_queues    a

            ,fnd_concurrent_processes b

      WHERE a.concurrent_queue_id = b.concurrent_queue_id

         AND a.concurrent_queue_name = 'STANDARD'

      and b.process_status_code='A'

      ORDER BY b.process_status_code;


      But I'd like to know how to make them run in the other node, in case of an emergency.


      Thanks a lot,