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    PCS service interface SOAP endpoint changes with every deployment

    Chris Maggiulli

      I built an C# AddIn for Oracle Service Cloud's desktop agent that invokes a PCS process message interface (SOAP service) when clicked.  However, I've noticed that each time I deploy a new version of this application the SOAP endpoint changes.  The endpoint is essentially always in this form:




      The {hostname}, {application-name}, and {process-name} are always the same , however the version and the UUID change for every deployment.  So every time we deploy this process the AddIn triggers the previous deployed process (since it doesn't undeploy the previous one), but doesn't deploy the most current process.  This is a serious issue because I don't want to make a code change every time we deploy.


      I'm not sure if this is pertinent, but the Oracle Service Cloud AddIn SDK uses the Microsoft Extensibility Framework to produce a DDL file.  That DDL file is then loaded into the Service Cloud's desktop agent.  As such you cannot use Visual Studio's Service Reference functionality for SOAP services and instead I needed to use WSDL.exe to produce the C# code and the PCS endpoint is stored as a readonly string in the code. 


      Essentially I would like to have the message interface / SOAP endpoint remaining constant from deployment to deployment